Mince Pies and Mead – Oh My!

Posted on 1st December 2021

As you know, we love Christmas, and to make sure our visitors feel just as festive as us wanderous wizards we are giving away free mince pies with every mulled mead that is purchased.

That’s right FREE mince pies and mulled mead! How can you not feel magical and festive at the same time sipping on one of the most magically-infused drinks, famous for its spiritual qualities in helping the Vikings connect to their gods – Odin and Thor included!

You can pick up your mince pie and mulled wine in York at either the Potions Cauldron on the Shambles and the Hole In Wand in Coppergate from Thursday 25th November.

Don’t forget about sharing your mince pie selfie as well – use #MagicMincePie


Have a magical Christmas – from your wonderful, wizarding team.