The Potions Express is now open!

Posted on 31st January 2022

The Potions Express is now open!

Full Steam Ahead For Spellbinding Potions Experience at York Station

The city’s bustling transport hub is welcoming a new addition to its retail offer from today (Fri 21st January) as The Potions Express opens its shutters for this first time, offering a magical experience to commuters and visitors alike.

Rail passengers travelling through York Station are set to be enchanted by a new retail experience that is putting the magic back in travel through their selection of fantastical potions and other restorative elixirs, especially the caffeinated variety.

The Potions Express, located at the Kiosk Under the Stairs at 5/8 York Station is the latest launch from the popular Potions Cauldron brand, located at 9¾ The Shambles, which offers experiential retail where the customer is actively engaged and immersed in the storytelling in the shop, not simply selecting items from a shelf.

 “When customers have been coming into our shop on the Shambles they rave about our products but many say they have to come back at their end of their trip, before they catch the train home, so they don’t want to carry around an abidance of potions when they explore the city – so when the opportunity to have a presence at York Station came up we couldn’t miss out the opportunity!”

Commented Director of Wizardry, Phil Pinder, who with business partner Ben Fry have brought more magic to York since 2018.

This ethos has been transferred to York Station where customers will be tested on which powerful potions best suits their inner-magic whilst a miniature train speeds it way around the window display and wizards, little and large, get their last, or first, selfie of their trip with the mischievous gargoyle Grobblenook, who will be taking pride of place on the concourse.

“The Potions Cauldron has always focused on offering the very best experience to our customers, and not just a good experience, the most magical possible! We’re excited to both greet visitors with a spellbinding welcome and wave them off with charm-filled memories. We also want to add some sparkle to a commuters’ day too – offering powerful beans that wake them up, in the shape of warm, delicious coffee!”

Continued Mr Pinder, who is also Vice Chair of York Retail Forum and a BID Director.

Indeed, it is this commitment to offer high-quality and products and experiences that interested the operator of York Station, LNER, to work with the wizard duo to open The Kiosk Under the Stairs as part of their regeneration programme.

“We’re passionate about supporting local businesses along our route so we’re delighted to be welcoming The Potions Express to York Station, enhancing the retail offering and giving customers another reason to choose to travel by train and visit this great city. We’re confident that The Potions Express will help provide a magical experience for the many thousands of visitors who we welcome to the city every week.”

Said Claire Ansley, Customer Experience Director at LNER.

The opening of the Potions Express, which will create 3 full time equivalent roles, is the latest in a series of launches and product extensions for this York-based provider of whimsically experiences. Late in 2021 the Potions Experience was launched at the Potions Cauldron, billed as the smallest new attraction, where guests are treated to a VIP potion-making masterclass, as well as the hugely popular wizard-themed mini-golf attraction, The Hole In Wand in Coppergate.

“It has been a strong 18 months for the business. We have seen growth across our retail experiences as well the attractions. Audiences are looking for something new and different, and the team work hard to keep innovating and ensuring what we offer is as magical as possible. This is at the core of our offering and this new expansion at the Station will help us reach many more trainee witches and wizards, expanding the reach of our brand across the country, thanks to our online shop.”

Added Chief Enchantment Officer, Ben Fry.

The Potions Express, located at the Kiosk Under the Stairs at 5/8 York Station opens on Friday 21st January, serving potions, hot drinks and food options, and will be open 7 days a week. For more information, including the latest opening times please visit