Magical News

Special Wizard guest

Posted on 2nd January 2022

World-Famous Wizard Wanders in to Try Magical Wizard Golf Adventure in YorkYork’s home of magical mini golf welcomed wizardry-royalty earlier this week when actor Chris Rankin stopped by to give his wand of approval whilst in the city. Best known for his roles on stage and screen, most famously as the…

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Mince Pies and Mead – Oh My!

Posted on 1st December 2021

As you know, we love Christmas, and to make sure our visitors feel just as festive as us wanderous wizards we are giving away free mince pies with every mulled mead that is purchased.That’s right FREE mince pies and mulled mead! How can you not feel magical and festive at…

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The history of the Potions Cauldron

Posted on 16th May 2020

Shambles in York is one of the most famous streets in the World with more than 5 million visitors per year and has been described by Visit England as “The real Diagon Alley”, making the street a must for fans of magic from across the World.About half way down Shambles…

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Help us make our next drink a reality...

Posted on 3rd April 2020

Magic is thirsty work and since the 14th century Phileas Fry's Butterscotch Beer has been a firm favourite with Wizards and Witches and served on Shambles in York.Hundreds of years after the last bottle was served Phileas Fry's ancestors Ben and Phil have recreated his magical apothecary and once again…

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Mixing potions with poison

Posted on 31st March 2020

While originally designed for young Wizards, our magical potions, it has been discovered, mix amazingly well with poison that the non-magical call alcohol. The potions are all sugar-free and very lightly carbonated, and with their magical shimmery effect make the perfect cocktail mixers. TO MAKE THE DRINKS LISTED BELOW, PLEASE ORDER OUR POISON…

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It’s not all doom and gloom on the High Street!

Posted on 24th February 2020

York based magical drinks emporium The Potions Cauldron is reporting a record start to the year with a one hundred and twenty-three%per cent boost in shop takings compared to the same period in 2019.  Based on York’s historic Shambles, the magical store resembles an ancient apothecary.This is against a backdrop…

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Potions Cauldron Gets Blue Plaque

Posted on 8th October 2019

The Potions Cauldron, the most magical drinks emporium in the world is pleased to report they have obtained the first blue heritage Plaque on York's most famous street.  The plaque commemorates the inspirational Apothecary Proprietor, Phileas Fry, who inspired The Potions Cauldron founders to recreate his magical recipes once more. The…

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