Sell Our Potions

Would you like to bring some magic to your product range?

You can sell our Magical Potions and be an official Wizard outlet.

The potions are magical in a retail environment, have proved a fantastic addition at themed attractions, and have proved popular in hotels, bars and restaurants.

They have a dual appeal as an premium soft drink, that is in a glass bottle and sugar free in a non alcoholic market place that can be bland, and as the perfect cocktail mixer as all 4 magical drinks mix well with either gin, vodka, whisky or prosecco.

The drinks come in four magical flavours with universal appeal Serpents Venom (lemonade), Basilisk Blood (mixed fruits), Unicorn Essence (fruit twist) and Tears of a Wizard (cream soda). They are low carbonation so you can spin them and bring the magic to life and to make them attractive to an audience that finds most drinks too fizzy.

All 4 potions are also available in a Potions gift box and is the most popular product in our range.

With an attractive margin the potions provide a magical boost to your profit margin as well as sprinkling magic on your retail offering.

There is even the opportunity to have bespoke potions with custom labels to suit your brand as Castle Howard did for their new Skelf Island play ground.

As a Potions Cauldron stockist we will provide you with a point of sale Spellcaster which will demonstrate the magic to your customers by bringing the magic in the drinks to life.

And the potions are just the start of the magic as you could also stock our Spellbound Butterscotch Beer, Enchanted Real Butterscotch Beer, Chocolate Frogs and Magic Meters, you can see some of the other products in our Magicl Marketplace or contact us for our wholesale catalogue.

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