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Wizardie Dice Game


The original die game played by Wizards.  The simplicity of the game allows for little magical interference or cheating. A simple game where a winner is decided in under six rounds of throwing.  A dice game contained in shaker tin, with 6 dice and rules. 



Wizardie - RULES OF PLAY

Each Wizard throws all 6 die in round one. The lowest scorer wins 1 point.

Each Wizard then throws 5 die, if you score higher than the previous round you are out. Score equal, you get 2 points. Lowest scorer overall gets 1 point for winning the round.

The next round, remaining Wizards throw 4 die. Score higher than previous round you are out, score equal & get 2 points. Lowest score overall, additional 1 point.

Repeat until all Wizards are out or until final round with 1 dice. Winner is the Wizard with most points all together.

Wizardie Dice Game - £1.99
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