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Magic Jelly Bean Flask 180g | Sweet Jar

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A collection of six magic beans all with magical abilities for the truly magical:

  • Camouflage Magic Beans - Watermelon Flavour
  • Love Magic Beans - Strawberry Flavour
  • Joker Magic Beans - Tangerine Flavour
  • Spellbound Magic Beans - Spellbound Flavour
  • Unicorn Magic Beans - Bubblegum Flavour
  • Wizard Magic Beans - Blueberry Flavour

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, maize starch, water, fruit juice from concentrate (apple, orange, pineapple), acids (malic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid), glazing agents (shellac, beeswax, carnauba wax), natural flavourings, acidity regulator (sodium citrate), colours (anthocyanin, titanium dioxide, copper complexes of chlorophyllins, calcium carbonate, curcumin, vegetable carbon, mixed carotenes, paprika extract, lutein, chlorophyll), caramelised sugar, concentrate of spirulina.

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