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Picture of Magical Drinkable Potion & Poison Gift Box 40% abv | 4 x 250ml, 4 x 25ml
  Adults Only - Contains Alcohol
  Vegan Friendly
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Magical Drinkable Potion & Poison Gift Box 40% abv | 4 x 250ml, 4 x 25ml

In this gift box we supply four sugar-free magical potions drinks:

  • Basilisk Blood - Mixed Fruit Flavour, 250ml
  • Serpents Venom - Lemonade, 250ml
  • Tears of a Wizard - Cream Soda, 250ml
  • Unicorn Essence - Tropical Fruit Flavour, 250ml

Along with four poison phials, to mix and create your own magical cocktails:

  • Mysterirum - A rum based poison 40% abv, 25ml
  • Vodkamore - Vodka origin poison 40% abv, 25ml
  • Witches' Gin - Made by our friends at York Gin 40% abv, 25ml
  • Whizardky - Special reserve blended whisky 40% abv, 25ml

Each phial contains 25ml and instructional antidotes on each label, should you require the morning after.

ADULTS ONLY!  You must be over 18 to purchase this item. 

Poison and Potions Gift Box - £19.99
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