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HMV Magic

Discover the Magic of The Potions Cauldron at HMV stores across the UK!


We are thrilled to share some enchanting news with all you potion enthusiasts out there- The Potions Cauldron's elixirs are gracing the shelves of HMV stores across the United Kingdom.


What is the spellbinding selection awaiting you at your nearest HMV? Step into this realm of wonders and you'll find a collection of our most sought-after potions, including: Tears of a Wizard, Serpents Venom, Basilisk Blood, Cauldron Cola, Unicorn Essence, Spellbound Butterscoth Beer and Witches' Brew.


We'd love to share the magic with you, and there's no better way then to see your moments with our potions. Whether you're sipping on Tears of a Wizard or toasting Spellbound Butterscotch Beer, snap some photos and send them our way.


Indulge the magic and let your photos tell the tale of your journey with The Potions Cauldron at HMV. Cheers to a world filled with magic!

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