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World Famous Wizard Wanders in to Try Magical Wizard Gold Adventure in York

York’s home of magical mini golf welcomed wizardry-royalty earlier this week when actor Chris Rankin stopped by to give his wand of approval whilst in the city. 

Best known for his roles on stage and screen, most famously as the elder Weasley brother, Percy in the Harry Potter franchise, Chris made a bee-line to the Hole In Wand wizard mini-golf course to put his skills to the test on the nine themed holes.

“Honestly, it is magical. This place is incredible. I’ve never seen anything wizard-related quite as fun as this and I’ve not seen mini-golf quite as fun as this, either. It’s pretty special. ”

Commented Chris, who also sampled a selection of powerfully-tasty potions at the Hole In Wand’s sister business, the Potions Cauldron on York’s famous Shambles.

This visit comes at the end of an exciting year for this magical attraction, including launching just as lockdown restrictions lifted in spring and since then welcoming thousands of eager wannabe wizards and witches.

“It’s always great to welcome a new trainee wizard to discover their magical mini-golf abilities, I know it was a real treat for our Wizard team to meet Chris this week, and we’re especially impressed with his competitive spirit on the course!”

Commented Phil Pinder, Director of Wizardry at the Hole In Wand and the Potions Cauldron

When asked about his focused gaming style, Chris commented,

“Well, when you’ve got so many ginger siblings, you have to be a competitive sort…”

The Hole In Wand Wizard Golf is open seven days a week, closing Christmas Eve to Boxing Day to give their team a well-deserved festive break. For more information, including booking details visit

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