Everlasting Potion Flasks

Our super concentrated syrups can be mixed with water, slush, lemonade or something stronger for adult wizards! To make the mixing the simple, the 100ml bottle comes with a pipette lid to make dilution simple.  Choose from:

  • Lion Heart Elixir - Guaranteed bravery every time - Summer Fruits
  • Camouflage Potion - Make things you think of disappear - Lemon & Lime
  • Tonic of Truth - Ask any questions, get no lies - Orange
  • Power of a Wizard - Known to give the power to fly - Grape & Blueberry

Our Everlasting Potion Flasks make around 7.5 litres of diluted drink, using still or sparkling water, mix at a ratio of 75 parts water to 1 part potion - literally a few drops in a glass!

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